1. Inspection of Rugs

Thoroughly inspect your rugs again to see if there are any problems we might have overlooked.

2. Remove excess sand with rug beater

Lay rugs face down and beat our excess sand

3. Neutralize the Colors

This prevents all colors from bleeding and locks in the dyes.

4. Pre-Treat & Scrub Fringes

Pre-Treat the fringes with a cleaning solution which remains on the fringe for five (5) minutes. This returns them to their original colors. (i.e. White, Beige, Tea Dye, Off-White).

5. Pre-Treat Spots on Rugs

Pre-Treat the rugs with spotters and spot clean.

6. Rinse

Rinse the Rugs to remove all dirt in the rug and then soaked in cold water to revitalize the natural sheen of the fibers.


7. Clean the Back & Front of the Rugs

8. Deodorize Rugs

Deodorize the rugs front and back in a contamination bath, if needed.

9. Rinse

Rinse the front and back to get rid of all soap so there is no residue, which would cause the rug to get dirty faster.

10. Send Rugs through Wringer

To rinse out any remaining soap and water and then add our special conditioner.

11. Lay Rug Outside Flat to Dry

Lay it outside to dry flat for four (4) hours where the sun revitalizes the bright rich colors without harming the natural dyes. This is the way the rugs are treated when they are made in Iran, Persia, India and Turkey.

12. Flip Rug Over

13. Groom Rug to Perfection

Set the pile to the original direction.

14. Bring to Drying Room

Hang it to dry for 24 hours before we remove it from the drying room and re-inspect it to assure quality and re-spot if needed. Wrap in brown paper for delivery.


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